Monday, 14 October 2013 14:04

Because I am a Girl


Surely, you are one of the women who were lucky. You’re just sitting at the computer, reading this article and you do not even know how much you have. You have just finished school and you are probably working. Do you realize the extent of the luxury you are experiencing?


Today, as many as 70% of the billion people living in extreme poverty in the world are women and young girls. And it is worth mentioning, that out of these women, the girls are more malnourished than the boys living with them. On a worldwide scale, as many as 65 million girls have never been and currently don’t have the chance to go to elementary or high school, not to mention the chance to get a higher education.

It is time for this to change - "Because I am a Girl" is a campaign that allows us mere ordinary people to lead the stand up for the rights of millions of girls and women. Gender discrimination didn’t fall with the arrival of the Suffragette movement. It still exists and thrives in the poorest countries of the world.

How can you help them? You'll know by clicking on the video below!