Tuesday, 14 January 2014 15:09

Climb to the top with Vodafone!

Technology is entrenched in practically every area of our life. It allows you to communicate with others from almost any point on the globe. But is it useful? Vodafone shows us, that it is indeed. And not just to keep your own child on a leash when they go out. Thanks to technology we can even achieve the strangest of life's goals. But how?

From one side of the world, boxing champion Mary Kom can teach Indian women self defense, which are on the other side of the world. Without leaving her home, office or gym. How? With Vodafone and the possibility of video conferencing in real time without any interruption.
Tom Lowe decided to track down and subdue one of the most dangerous waves in the world. This can also be done. How? With a specialized global forecasting system, which he has in his smartphone. Is there anything else which can still be considered impossible? No. And what would you do with the technology available and Vodafone's help?

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