Saturday, 18 January 2014 10:03

We are simply the best!


Suppose you’ve got a giant hangover. At home you don’t even have a drop of anything to drink. What do you do? You pull yourself together, and run off to the store. You stand in front of a shelf of drinks and mindlessly reach for a drink. STOP! Let’s go back a bit- you face the drinks shelf and reach for Innocent.

Why? Fact one: Innocent is simply delicious. Not only is it a liquid that will quench your desire, but it also tastes good. Each fruit chosen for Innocent is carefully selected to provide the best taste.
Fact two: Innocent is juice. Juice, as we all know, contains vitamins which we need. Therefore, if you drink just one of these little smoothies, you have one daily portion of vitamins dealt with. About one apple or a carrot less during the day. And you do not have to bite it!
Fact three: How many juices do you know, which support a charity? We will tell you: zero. Amendment - Innocent is the one and only company that officially says that part of their income is given to projects to combat hunger worldwide.
So, are you still hesitating about which beverage to reach out for?