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Go sightseeing and have great fun! Discover Quebec City!

The place where we spend a vacation also affects how we are perceived. Hence, office gossip, during which everyone is trying to outdo each other in praise of their own holidays. But what do you do in a situation when you have no idea where to go on your dream vacation? The answer is simple - Quebec.


If you love to go sightseeing, you appreciate the beauty of European culture while at the same time you enjoy having fun, then Quebec is the ideal place for you. This city is rich in monuments: The Basilica modelled on Notre-Damme, an historic mural depicting the history of the city or the street of Saint-Jean, by which you can find numerous shops and most importantly - the old city walls. You must, of course, visit the Old Port - a place where there are unusual galleries and a cruise ship terminal. At Saint-Paul Street you will find wonderful resturants, antique shops and interesting museums. Of course, you can not just pass by the Place-Royale and Petit Champlain Street without taking a closer look.

But that's not all - if you like night life, then Quebec will certainly come up to your standards. For starters, it offers a walk along the Grande Allee, which after dusk begins to pulsate with life. Music coming from the numerous bars and pubs, terraces, exquisite restaurants - this is what the Grande Allee can boast of. The Grande Allée is known for its hopping nightlife. DJs, beautiful dancefloors, romantic terraces are all for you to experience an unforgettable evening. You can complete your tour of the clubs with the Bistro L'Atelier or the famous Maurice Salon-Bar. Among the places to visit on this street is a groovy restaurant called Le Cosmos, the awesome Observatoire de la Capitale, where you can view the full panorama of the city and Savini - an Italian restaurant with a wine cellar and a bar.

Where else is it worth going in Quebec? You certainly must go along the street of Saint-Joseph, where you will find exclusive boutiques, places where you can listen to live music and a cozy bar called La Korrigane.

Or maybe you want silence? If so, then welcome to the Jacques Cartier National Park. Only here will you find many bicycle trails, rental of water sports equipment or simply the opportunity to observe birds and wild creatures.

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