Tuesday, 08 July 2014 12:36

Safe driving with a smartphone

bumpr bumpr

You're travelling by car. Suddenly you hear your cell phone tweeting. What do you do? Your first reflex will probably be to grab it and check who wrote to you. Those few seconds when you look away from the road, can often be decisive about your life. That's why bumpr has been created.


bumprWhat is bumpr? This is a simple application designed for smartphones running on Android. It works on the principles of an answering machine - depending on how bumpr is configured for the selected notification, it automatically sends specific messages to whoever is contacting you without your active involvement. How does it work exactly? Suppose that your smartphone has Facebook and Twitter installed. You set bumpr to work on these social networking sites, so that it will send a response to all news and updates from these applications saying: "I will read what you’ve written when I finish driving the car." Then you put your phone aside and set off on the road. Bumpr turns on automatically when you cross the speed of 20 km/h, so you do not have to reach out for your phone. With bumpr enabled, you will not be distracted by notifications from social networks or from text messages sent to you. Thanks to this, your attention will be fully focused on the road, and that means one thing: security. It is a proven fact that up to 50% of accidents in Canada may be due to the use of cell phones while driving. Time to change that - time for bumpr!

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