Friday, 18 July 2014 10:46

Watch the video and help out with Telus

TELUS – a company well known for it’s latest phones, computer equipment and a wide range of services in the field of telecommunication and television. Would you believe that this company helps out a unique foundation that supports sick children and also purchases incubators for premature babies? 

Give Where We Live is a program which takes a comprehensive approach to the improvement in quality of health care. Thanks to them, incubators for babies are bought, and enhanced treatment of cancer patients is carried out. This is a unique initiative, which reveals the fact that each of us will one day have to deal with health services. Therefore it is worth having them at their highest standard.

But that's not all – as shown in the video, Angel’s story proves that Give Where We Live is also an initiative which allows us to fulfill our dreams. Dreams of a better life despite disease and favorable conditions of treatment.

You can also support the initiative. It is enough that you watch the video below and you share Angel’s story. Every time the video is posted publicly, TELUS can designate one dollar for this initiative.

Do you think that's not enough? Watch the video and read the stories about people whose lives have changed thanks to the Give Where We Live program. And then? Support the program. Because who knows, maybe someday you yourself will benefit from it’s help!


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