Friday, 19 September 2014 00:00

The power of suggestion

 Do you believe in hypnosis? More and more people recognize it as a real psychological technique by which you can not only learn more about a person, but also, using the power of suggestion, help them in medical treatment. Most often the treatment is carried out in a specialist psychologist's office, under the supervision of professionals. However, not all of it is! 

 IKEA came up with the idea of an interesting and original experiment. With the help of Justin Tranz – a known TV hypnotist who can use hypnosis to treat people with addictions - they decided to fund an unusual journey into the future lives of a few people. In the previous edition, we could admire a courageous couple who while lying on a comfortable bed on display at IKEA, underwent hypnosis and in detail described their future, as seen through the eyes of their imaginations. Today, we have a chance to see something more.

Jeff and Beth are a young couple who have all their major decisions well ahead of them. These volunteers surrender voluntarily to Tranz’ hypnosis and while not entirely being aware of it, they have an amazing journey into their own future. What's more - this time not only can we hear about what our young couple see, but we also get to see them ourselves in a specific scene in the future, which in the eyes of other IKEA customers, looks like it’s being played by a couple of the best actors.

Are you curious what else IKEA will come up with? Follow the IKEA channel on YouTube by clicking on the video!


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