Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:53

Understand speed with the new tC

Looking for a car which has a great deal of sporting character in it? Or perhaps your daily life is picking up such a pace that your car needs to catch up with you? If so, Scion has created the new version of the tC just for you.  Fast, manoeuvrable and reliable – these are the undeniable assets of the new tC model.

This car is meant for people who do not like to sit idle in one place and are everywhere at the same time. 179 horsepower under the hood, a sporty design and quite a spacious trunk are all things for which you will love this Scion model.
The advantages of this model have convinced Mike – an amateur freerunner and parkour, who has had the idea of speed and overcoming extreme obstacles written in his biography for a long time now. Mike loves speed and agility - which is why in addition to freerunning and parkour, he started training martial arts. And this is also why he chose the new tC – so that even in the labyrinth of crowded urban streets, he is able to feel the real speed of his movements and traverse without any problems. Without a doubt, Scion has met Mike’s demands and has created the perfect car for him, and for many other similar people.
Want to learn more about Mike and his new Scion tC? Click on the video and see for yourself, what this pair is capable of!

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