Thursday, 12 March 2015 16:54

Meet Chappie

The story of a robot with feelings used by the police seems to have been done to death. It’s also easy to predict – the creation of a super robot, the regular use of it and then a sudden change in the plot. However, it’s not that simple.

Neil Blomkamp doesn’t create banal stories. This film director, who’s known for his previous hit "District 9", shows that even a seemingly simple story can be presented in an unusual and moving way. Starting from the promotional campaign.
"Chappie" wasn’t only shown in trailers between commercials. There was a unique event on the 25th of February that was streamed live. 12 vloggers from all over Europe participated in a graffiti tournament in London after a meeting with the creator of Chappie. After the tournament ended, the graffiti was taken apart and 600 parts were given to moviegoers.
But what about the film itself? We can witness a plot that is remarkable and moving. A robot that speaks and feels, and what's more - has the perception of a small child. Moments later - a ruthless warrior, fighting for survival. It’s also worth noting the movie’s impressive cast. Sharlto Copley ("Maleficent", "Elysium", "A-Team") shows us his great acting skills, assuming the role of Chappie, while Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine," "Van Helsing", "X-Men") and Sigourney Weaver (" Alien 3”," Avatar") will show us their claws.

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