Friday, 13 March 2015 12:28

Stylish modernity with Mikkelsen

A beautifully decorated interior. The style, modernity and subtle elegance of the furniture is perfectly integrated with the surrounding decorations. You can see that the interior has been designed with taste. And this is where breathtaking scenes are being played out. Is it a movie?

BoConcept is a company from Denmark specializing in the production of furniture and decorative products of the highest quality. It has been on the market for over sixty years, taking care of its growing number of customers. Each customer has his individual needs, which the company knows how to satisfy. Their furniture doesn’t consist of just ordinary objects – they are above all carefully refined furnishing elements, which form an extraordinary design of the entire interior. They combine modern design with elegance, making them suitable for virtually any home.

An example arrangement is shown in an original BoConcept spot starring Mads Mikkelsen himself, known for his role of Le Chiffre in "Casino Royale" and the main character in the TV series "Hannibal". His excellent acting creates the illusion that we are not watching an ad, but a scene from a really gripping drama film.

The spot is a presentation of a sample interior design, which you can win today. Just click on the spot, answer one quick question and win BoConcept furniture along with decorating services. Take part in the competition today and win the interior of your dreams!

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