Monday, 06 March 2017 05:56

Relaxing and classy

Can furniture be advertised in a fun way, whilst not exaggerating its image? Yes, it can. BoConcept found a great way to showcase its products to a wider audience in a natural and funny way. But how? Imagine that you are have just arrived at your friend’s house to stay for a few days.

After a tiring trip you are pleasantly surprised to see beautiful girls walking around the house. However, you don’t get a chance to admire them because your buddy gets into a frenzy of showing off his furniture.

Is it possible? Yes, it is. BoConcept, a company known for the production of furniture and stylish accessories, can no doubt showcase itself in many different ways. In the previous version of the campaign, we could admire their furniture as it was used as a background for a really dramatic scene. This time, the creator surprised us with a simple story, which portrayed all the advantages of their furniture. Functionality, a stylish design, versatility – those are definitely qualities of BoConcept products.

The whole scene is captivating thanks to the great acting of two prominent actors - Mads Mikkelsen known for "Casino Royale" and "Hannibal", and Dejac Cukin, who played in " In China they eat dogs " "Lost and Found" and "Just another love story".

But that's not all - if you dream of having the same furniture that was shown in this ad, just click on the video and answer one question - why should you be the one who will win the services of a professional decorator and 10 thousand euros to spend on furniture? Try your luck today!

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