Friday, 03 March 2017 15:34

Get ready for your competition!

The season for championships in virtually every sports discipline has just started. This most probably also applies to you. An upcoming competition is important to each athlete. It doesn’t matter whether you train professionally or just for your own pleasure and health.

A few training sessions a day, developing a special diet, adherence to a number of rules and also sacrifices – this is most likely how you spent a significant part of your day. Surely you have trouble finding spare time to do household chores, and fresh, clean sports clothes are something that you can’t manage without.


A heap of dirty laundry, daily changing of several sets of clothes to be able to go to the next workout in comfortable, fragrant clothes, can take up too much time. Watch Maytag’s new campaign and see how easy it is to change that. Check out the latest washer-dryer that will wash and dry your clothes in an incredibly short time!

Man does not live on sports alone

Do you know that wise saying? You probably do. Precisely for this reason, Maytag is encouraging all amateur athletes to participate in a competition, in which you can win as much as 20 thousand dollars. It’s worth fighting for!

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