Friday, 02 September 2016 09:52

Paint your bedroom stylish

People would like to make their bedroom become fashionable instead of drab. As many people do, the walls in my bedroom are very drab. I have painted it with white color, and I have got sick of it. Why don’t you use some painting tools to make it stylish? I have found out that there are many creative ideas to paint my bedroom more fashionable, and I want to share with you.

Painting your bedroom with black is awesome, since this paint color is a bold choice for most of the people. Nothing could be more dignified. It may make your bedroom look smaller and tighter compare with the one in bright color. I don’t suggest you use this color, if your bedroom is not much bigger than a box.

It’s a funny thing that the colors you choose to paint could show your personalities. Most of us would be afraid of using bold colors such as black, and you could just choose the color you love. Using the combination of dark blue and magenta would be very eye-catching too.

Green color is more clement than the colors above. It could make people feel peaceful, so it’s a good choice for the people who are capricious. Supposing that you want more stunning color, what color should be chosen? Spring green and aquamarine would be better. In addition, some decorative flower pots are suitable to match with.

If you want your bedroom become sweet, I would suggest you use light coral, salmon and pink. Those colors could be wonderful for painting your little princess’s bedroom. Embellishing princess’s bedroom with some laces would be more endearing.

I would suggest you use blue to paint your bedroom, in case you want your room become bold and calm. Sky blue can make me feel comfortable, and it could make your room look bigger than it is.

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