Tuesday, 08 January 2019 12:29

How to get CS GO skins for free

Every true fan of famous FPS Counter Strike Global Offensive wants not only to win, but also dreams of being recognizable beyond another players. Due to giant popularity of this game, it is not an easy task – fortunately, you can get some skins and make your weapon look extraordinary. Let’s find out how to acquire it for free thanks to Bananatic!

 Be unusual, be the best!

CS GO is loved by millions of people around the world. This extraordinary shooter allows us to play the role of terrorists and their opponents. Team co-operation is extremely important here - the right division of roles within the group and mutual trust is the key to success. Every player dreams of winning dozens of matches. We also want to be well-known and recognized in the game world - one way to achieve this is to have special skins for weapon we use. Skins can be found in the boxes during the game - but not always we can get an interesting skin, which will impress on other players. It is also possible to buy skins for real money – but we all know not everyone can afford it. So there is option number three - get skins by visiting the page where... skins can be obtained without spending money!

Gamers from all over the world tend to hear they are wasting time when they play computer games. Parents, friends and other people used to tell them they had nothing to gain thanks to playing. Of course we must strongly disagree: first of all, gaming can be a life passion which is not less valuable than, for example, stamps collecting. Furthermore, sometimes playing your favourite game can give you also other prizes: for example professional equipment  for gamers, top-ups for games or ... desired skins for CS GO! There is only one condition: you need to play on very special website: Bananatic.com. When you play games, you need to face many challenges, develop your character and find a solution of numerous problems connected with the plot. Specialists from Bananatic https://www.bananatic.com/games/ realize it is not easy and – which seems to be natural – your efforts deserve the reward. If you collect some virtual money (called bananatics), you can exchange it for the best CS GO skins and other wonderful items. It is really not complicated: you just need to go to the store with CS GO skins and click on option “Receive”. Next, you have to provide your exchange URL, which you have in STEAM and… that’s it!  Wait a minute and the skin will appear in your account! Of course, you can exchange many times. Just play, collect the currency and regularly visit the store! Thanks to Bananatic, you will know the various interesting games and complete an amazing collection of skins you've always dreamed of! Bananatic is also a great community. You will find here forums, videos and tips that will surely help you in the game.

Bananatic is a place where every player will find what he is looking for. If you are searching for skins for CS GO, you will not be disappointed. Don’t wait any longer and ... work in a nice way for your rewards!


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