Monday, 04 December 2017 13:16

How to transport bulky Christmas gifts?

Christmas is coming! 

Did you already start planning and creating gift lists? Some of the gifts might be bulky and awkward to carry. Your aunt lives thousands of kilometers away from you? Families are often scattered not only within one country, often they need to travel miles to see each other on Christmas. What about shipping those heavy gifts though?

Do it Yourself 

If you are lucky to have a big, spacious car you can try to fit the gifts inside. 
It would be best to put them in the back of your car or in a boot. Make sure they will not move while you drive – this might be very dangerous for passengers traveling with you! Make sure you strap down the packages with ropes or stripes and wrap them in blankets so the sharp edges are not visible. 
Search for a courier company 
You can ship your gifts with a courier company. You should check the maximum dimensions and weight of the loads they are able to carry. There are also different additional fees you need to be aware of – especially if you need to send your package abroad. 
Do you know how transport marketplaces work? 
There is another way you can ship your gifts.>Online marketplace for transport services is the place on the web to go in such cases. This is something you want to consider when your gift is heavy, over-sized according to the guidelines of regular courier companies.  The good thing about an online transport marketplace is that you get an access to thousands of transport providers within a few seconds. Usually, what you need to do is to list your item, wait for quotes, accept one that suits your needs and your budget. Voila! Done!  
To sum up 
Depending on the complexity of your delivery, the distance, weight, and size of your package you have some options to choose from! 
Just do it before it’s late! You want your delivery to be safe and timely.

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