Friday, 06 April 2018 16:02

Canvas prints - the perfect decoration for your apartment

Modern printing technologies allow for increasingly more spectacular and long-lasting effects. This is especially useful in the production of wall murals and canvas prints. Using high-quality paints and the right technology, you can obtain a picture that will decorate your flat for years without any compromises in terms of quality. Why is it worth choosing this kind of decoration for your apartment?


Which canvas print are suitable for the living room?

Canvas prints are a great addition to practically every type of room. They especially add charm to living rooms. It is important to carefully select a picture that will perfectly match the character and colour of the interior. For example, in modern living rooms with a minimalist decor, abstract and three-dimensional patterns will do the job. It is also possible to try patterns in a monochromatic palette of colours - for example white flowers (paintings with tulips, orchids and lilies are especially popular). Prints that can be used in colonial or exotic interiors are also an interesting idea. In this case, it is best to select pictures in warm colours which match the ethnic art of a given region.

For interiors that you want to optically enlarge, it is recommended to choose the spatial motifs presenting open spaces such as the sea, sky, railway tracks or a bridge.

Where can I get photos for canvas prints?

Most companies selling canvas prints have their own selection of photos, from which you can pick out something for yourself. Another option is to buy an image from a stock photo website. You can also use free photos posted on the Internet as long as their copyright license allows it. Some people prefer to use their own photos, for example from their summer holidays or a trip outside the city or to the park. However, if you decide on such a solution, you must remember to use a large, high-resolution photo. This is crucial because when creating a canvas print, it is necessary to enlarge the picture, and if you select a poor quality photo, the effect will not be satisfying.

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