Monday, 13 May 2013 09:31

How to Appeal To Women

Many guys assume that there are some strange secrets to attracting women. They believe that these secrets are known to only a few super-successful men and that if only they could find out what they are, they too could be bedding every sizzling woman that they meet. Well, it is correct that there are some psychological tricks and techniques to all of this, but they are just the icing on the cake. Before you get to that level, you need to get some of the fundamentals taken care of

and you’ll be happy to pay attention they are very straightforward.

If you just follow these three simple steps, you will have 90 percent of what you need to approach, comfortably interact with and ask out, any woman you desire.

But before I lay out those three steps, let me make one thing clear. To be able to efficiently entice most women, you definitely do not have to look like Brad Pitt, be as rich as Donald Trump, or have a physique like Arnie.

Women are much more subtle than that. Sure, they will go out with guys like that, but they will also go out with much less attractive, less prosperous and less buffed guys than that, if those guys have their act together.

Anyway, having got that essential fact out of the way, here are the three steps.

Step #1 – Be clean and smart

Yes, I know that sounds stupid and obvious, but you would be surprised how many guys forget this elementary requirement. Ask any girl you know what they notice about guys and they will tell you that looking well-groomed and smelling good are absolute stone-cold essentials.

You don’t have to spend several hours in the bathroom, or a fortune on lotions. All you ought to do is take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself some basic questions:

Do you need a haircut?

Are your clothes clean and newly pressed?

Are your shoes clean and not scuffed or down at heel? Shoes are a real focus point for lots of women.

Have you showered? Today?

Did you spray deodorant and are you wearing after shave? Don’t go mad and put too much on, but at all times wear a good, clear scent.

Step #2 – Be Confident

Self-Assurance in a man is a surprisingly powerful aphrodisiac for women, but I’m not talking arrogance here. Arrogance is when your ego offensive and overpowering.

Authentic self-assurance is understanding your own mind and what you want, not being inclined to be messed around, but at the same time having respect for the woman you are with and the people around you.

One of the most highly effective ways to exhibit the kind of self-assurance that attracts a woman is to not be hung up on what she thinks of you or worrying whether or not you are going to see her again. I call this being uninvested in the end result and you can learn more about in my FREE e-book, No Fear, No Failure.

This is not a tactic, it is a way of being that once mastered ensures that all of your experiences with women are favourable and comfortable and go the way you want them to. Getting to this position takes a little practice, but one of the ways you will get there is actually the final step.

Step #3 – Be Prepared

If you’re interviewing for a new career and you just rolled out of bed, didn’t shower, dressed in last night’s clothes, turned up late and had done no investigation concerning the enterprise beforehand, it’s pretty unlikely that you will land the position.

Dating needs some of the same forethought. By following the first two steps, you have made a great beginning. The last thing that you can do to prepare is already know what you’re going to talk about.

Now I bet you are thinking that seems a little forced and that you’d prefer to go with the flow, right? Well that’s fine if you’re laid back and relaxed, but even then chances are you'll find that there come some awkward pauses, where you both equally feel uncomfortable. And if you’re not relaxed, then those pauses will really feel like yawning chasms of discomfort.

So it’s a good idea to line up a number of topics of dialog before you begin. Go through the date in your own mind beforehand and think about what you could say; what she may say; how you might reply. Think about things which have happened to you in the last few days. Things that have made you laugh, or cry.

Anything at all that you may put in your mental back pocket for when the communication goes dry, is going to help you to feel far more comfortable, because you know you’ve got it covered. That way, like a well prepared interviewee, you have a far better prospect of proceeding on to the next stage of the seduction process.

So there you have the three basic steps. You can always learn the psychological tricks and techniques as well and I encourage you to do so, but be sure to get the fundamentals handled first and I guarantee that you will be way ahead of most guys, when it comes to success with women.