Saturday, 25 May 2013 23:07

The trauma amongst teenagers due to dating

A recent survey suggests that one out of every ten teenagers is victimized in some way or the other due to “dating”. This means the actual number of teenagers involved in dating is quite high. And there are probably a small percentage of cases which are reported officially and hence being reflected. Problems associated with dating among-st teenagers It is quite often heard of that a middle school girl was assaulted by none other than her dating partner. Generally, people will

have notion that such acts are conducted by an unknown person, but with rapidly growing rate of teenage dating, the stories of “assault’ are surfacing in number. Many of the teenagers revealed in survey that they were touched and force to touch undesirable places against their wish.

Some others also revealed that they had to share their pocket money and other precious things with their girl friend or boyfriend and all this was against kind of “blackmailing”. The common reasons for such violence

• Stage of emotional and social development Teenage is the period when an individual is neither in the childhood stage nor reaches the maturity of an adult. They are yet in the phase wherein emotional and social development contuses. And this is the period when they are not mature enough emotionally to decide the “right” and “wrong” for themselves. Socially, they are not mature enough to realize who is good for them and who is playing up a fast. And all this put together make things even more difficult and they get prone to being caught in wrong hands. • Age of making experiments Teenagers get into a lot of things because their friends have been doing so, and hence they land up making mistakes ones election and even on carrying on with the relationship. The saving factor • Parental guidance and involvement Parents need to get involved and guide their teenagers not as preachers but as friends. One has to come down to their level to understand and reciprocate their issues accordingly. Spending quality is the best possible answer to this burning social challenge because your teenager needs to feel that comfort from you.

• Middle School Intervention Programs Schools can continue organizing more and more such programs to educate the teenagers and address the associated issues.

• Consulting an expert If an adult observes an importance of any consultation then it should never fall towards the end of the priority list. Timely intervention from an adult and an expert can save a teenager from the damages which are likely to take place. Summary Dating Violence among-st teenagers is quite a common occurrence, however, it is the responsibility of the adults around to extend comfort and support so that one can handle the issue with ease. Making a teenager confident about the whole issue and providing the right kind of education is quite an important aspect to combat this issue. Hence, adults at home and in school have to play a larger role in ensuring the right guidance on this matter.