Saturday, 25 May 2013 23:13

Important 7 dating tips and advice for single guys

Having a spouse in your life plays a crucial role to get more from it. There are so called guys who think they can rule the world but when it comes to approach a girl their confidence diminished to a shy level. Now a day’s online dating sites have made things easier for men to approach or find a suitable girl with which they can start their love life, only if things go well. If you are alone or want to have a partner in your life than go ahead and read the whole article with open minded,

overcome your shyness by approaching more and more girls. I am trying to put some points here which matter when it comes to start online dating with unknown person. 1. Are you ready to bring someone in your life: Getting a right set of mind brings new things in life, when you met a person online than probably you don’t know her whole story but only insider mere things? When looking for a person in online sites first analyze what you are seeking in your future life partner, ask yourself what kind of woman would be more comfortable with me and my things. 2. Register on dating sites: while registering for a dating site, make your sure you fulfill your homework by researching reviews and feedback from previous users as this will give you clear message about how these things work. Be truthful about yourself, don’t write what you don’t have in your dating profile, talking about this when woman start reading your profile they should atleast get a brief idea about what you are and what you want from other person. 3. Groom yourself and develop a self confidence: even you are sitting behind your computer and fixing an online date that doesn’t make you a winner. You have to develop a self confidence by looking great e.g. if you have a flabby tummy and you are expecting a hot girl in your life that’s just a mistake every guy make. To look great for your partner make them more attractive toward you that is a signal for long lasting relationship. So, leave your home and hit to gym man, go out groom yourself meet new people. 4. Legitimate online profile: it is a must thing if you are a beginner in online dating, your profile should indicate good things about you, if you are smoker or alcoholic don’t’ mention it as this will only give you a bad impression to your date. 5. Meet in public area: This applies specially for woman and their safety, if your date is unknown to you than don’t meet in somewhat private area but in public area where you both feel comfortable. Take your date to a place where you can share your feelings or enjoy each other company even if you are gathered with ten’s of people. 6. Try to know your date by their profile: before starting the whole new relationship or dating things first make sure you have taken fully description idea about the person who you are planning to meet, a small message chat or SMS chat can help you identify things which matters for next procedure. 7. No sex in first date: This also for woman who find their dating partner amusing and awesomely attractive, they forget that this is their first date and they should not indulge in sex on their first date as this will only remark a bad impression to other person which you might regret later. So, be careful about this thing though sex is good and helps in building relationship but sex on first date is strictly no. Even you are meeting the person by the very first time, you should not show any sign or disinterest or disrespect, pay bills for expenses never ask your woman date to pay or even share the bills. The last but not least overcome your shyness towards girls and develop self confidence to handle any situation as woman like confident person because they take this as a plus point for their family.