Saturday, 25 May 2013 23:15

A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Looks like the IPL isn’t the only league of extraordinary scorers in town! A new league has been taking the web by storm. With 9 teams battling each other for supremacy, it’s time for a new wave of ‘skorers’ to make their presence felt! Skore proudly presents ‘The Skore Patao League’ – a group of the most charming ‘skorers’ around. They pass through 5 fun games to make it into the arena of champions, all the while, bringing their team glory in the world of ‘skoring’. But

joining the Skore Patao League isn’t easy. You have to think fast, be quick on your feet, and never let a chance slip you by in the pursuit of the ultimate Skore woman.

Skore’s latest campaign brings online IPL cricket fun with the trademark twist of naughty games that Skore is known for. These 5 levels are based on elements of an IPL cricket game like aiming, fielding, and footwork, all in the hopes that you impress the Skore woman.

Players login to the Skore Patao League microsite and select the team they want to represent. Whether you’re from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, or even Kolkata, you’re sure to find your team competing for supremacy. By playing to join the Skore Patao League, players pit their city against others, much like any current IPL cricket game. But team glory isn’t the only thing up for grabs. You can play and win many exciting prizes! The top skorers stand to get free iPods and Skore hampers. As Skore says it best, there’s a lot to be won!

So, what exactly do you have to do in The Skore Patao League? You have to clear five fun games. Punch a few thugs around and rescue the girl! Then, you have to get her attention in class, collect her phone number, take her out dancing – phew! Seems a lot like the world of dating, doesn’t it? And after you’re done with all of this, you have to complete the final hurdle – making it past her folks as you try to get to her house!

Why should all the glory go to those who get to play IPL matches? Show them you can rack up a high Skore too! With the Skore Patao League, you can make sure that every aspect to ‘pataoing’ a girl is a high score game. Which team will you represent? Will it be the Mumbai Charmers, Delhi Dildaars, Rajasthan Romeos or Kolkata Lady-killers? Whichever it is, you’ll be joining hundreds of other Skorers, all competing for glory in the Skore Patao League!

The Skore Patau League campaigns is a microsite with various fun games to participate in. One can select any of the score game of their choice and take part and win exiting prizes.



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