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Love Marriage Line In Hand Reading

A clear printed Marriage line characterizes not only marriage itself but also close relationships and partnership. The number of lines shows a number of people whom a person has relationships with. Unclear hardly printed lines display a number of small intrigues of no importance in a person’s life. Marriage line is indicated by the little line that are located just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines in this area will indicate romances.  The lines that are
strong and clear in this area will indicate marriage. The closer the lines are to the base of the little finger, the later in life these marriages will be.

If the line is straight, it is generally indicative of a good marital relationship or an enduring love affair. If this line inclines towards the Heart Line, it indicates an interruption with marital relations or ill health of the spouse. If this line inclines towards the little finger, the spouse is likely to have a long life. This line may not be single one, but there might be two or even three such lines.

But it does not mean that a person would have as many marriages or love affairs. It would suffice here to point out that sexual or marital relations or love affairs are not to be inferred from this line alone. One must study the line of Mars, the line of Saturn, the Line of the Sun, the Mount of Venus and the Mount of Jupiter before answering any questions about marriage or its break-up. Lines that meet the Marriage Line, but don’t cross it, indicate children that will be born into the marriage. A line with a fork at the start, toward the back of the hand, indicates a long engagement. A fork on the end of the Marriage Line, toward the palm, indicates separation (with or without divorce). A line that cuts off the Marriage Line at the end indicates the end of the marriage in death or divorce.

The overlapping of lines in this manner indicates an affair, or affairs, while one is married. infect marriage lines tells a lot about an individuals relationship and happiness in palmistry. and it is really very important to observe it clearly.

There small lines beneath your pinky that dealt with that, however, it fell out of favor with most palm readers and most don’t use them anymore. But, the heart line deals with that. It doesn’t tell if you’ll be married, but it does tell about your love life.

It starts on the outside of your hand (under the pinky) and ends toward the index finger. If it ends bending downward, you’ll have an unhappy love life. If it end bent upwards, it means you wear the pants in relationships, and REALLY bent upwards, it means physical aspects (in every sense, not just sex) are very important to you. If it’s flat, you’re submissive in relationships. If it end under the index finger, you view love romantically and monogamously. If it ends between the middle and index finger, you play a very active role and show your lover you love them, for instance, gifts, attention, and loyalty. These types seldom break promises and sometimes need this attention reciprocated. If the line end under the middle finger, you don’t like relationships and prefer one night stands. Sex is more interesting than people to them and they’re typically self centered. The higher the line goes to their places, the stronger the degree of these characteristics (although, if the line ends on the index finger, it means you have very high standards, and warns the person you seek doesn’t exist).

If a line (other than the fate line) connects the heart and head line, you use your brain over your heart in relationships. If there are downward branches, it means unhappy relationships and friendships ending badly. Upward branches mean the opposite. If you have two heartlines, you are unconditionally loyal to your family, friends, and lover. It also means you can easily get by any problems with the heart line.

Where it ends is very important. If is end a the head line, you will dominate by your lover. Ending at the life line means you will die instantly, usually when you’re young (this is the only instance when you can time your death with palmistry, but the ending is very rare). If it ends with a fork, you combine romance with practicality. A triple fork means you are a very balanced individual and all three ending beneath you’re index finger, you’ll have a ‘happy ending’ in more way than one.

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