Monday, 15 July 2013 15:31

The Love Problem

With love you do not see your inner thinking, instead you see a matrix of what is love able and what love does. In your thinking appear all sorts of character problems and you are never satisfied, also not with love. The thinking of your mind makes it possible that you let your thoughts run on a supported level. Perhaps you see things like Pathetic or Mental Richness but wherever you twist it it don't fits. What is the problem did you forgotten something, no the problem is that you
can not ask something that lies upper your mind. Something that is inadequate for your thinking! The questions who we are and what we are come from a fully wrong direction. This all runs reflecting through our mind, by reflecting what runs there, as love. Is it a high IQ or EQ? Nothing. Tries with love and luck broughted nothing inside the brain. But the love problem says something people with a high IQ or philosophers and highly engaged so that I say love in the brain is simply philosophic activity of our quotients. We are simply philosophic and so humans of love. This means we are simply bound in an irrational logic which we do not have given philosophic life and which is under sided of us irrational. We can not say we search something like love and say we search something that is this ability. In idiotic word we try to search something what it consists of. The same thing by the side is for sex. The philosophy that produces inside us as thinking humans makes our higher ability of love and produces us with the thinking of using this. The real clear way to love is through your brain and your conscious mind. In this decision philosophy comes to an inner way that produces us love and with this I mean not pure love I mean love that is practicable usable for your every day needs. If you dare to make so a journey be warned staying alive and normal is very hard. You need to set up your brain in a lovely way and you will know what philosophic means and you will see the full human body that consists out of this. The Philosophy of love is the biggest motor you can have in your body and mind. The love system here called philosophy brings you deeply passion and feels when high. But it is a big problem for the mind to have a such productivity. I wish you a fully normal day.

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