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The Ring Bearer And Ring Cushions At A Wedding

Another name for the ring bearer at a wedding is a page boy. The ring bearer is usually a young boy between the ages of six and ten who is related to the bride or groom and has the job of carrying the wedding rings of the happy couple to the altar. In some cases the couple decide that they would like two boys carrying out this role: one young man who holds the special occasion accessory for the bride and another who holds it for the groom. However rather than have a page
boy, some couples choose to give the best man the job of carrying the ring.

The ring is usually placed on a large, decorative pillow known as a ring cushion. These special occasion accessories have various designs: some have religious symbols, some are plain, and others have beautiful embroidery or sequin and beading detail. There are a range of options that couples like to chose from regarding ring bearers and ring cushions, they are shown below:

1) Often couples decide to secure the wedding rings on the ring cushion somehow as this prevents the precious items from falling off of the pillows or from getting lost. A popular way of doing this is sewing the rings on to the cushion with a thin piece of thread which can be easily broken by the bride and groom once the page boy has reached alter.

2) Alternatively some couples decide to have a page boy or page boys and a ring cushion as purely a customary procedure and simply have the best man give the wedding rings to the couple. In this way a traditional procedure at a wedding still occurs but the couple does not have to worry about the ring getting misplaced or falling off of the ring cushion.

3) Another idea that some couples choose to adopt is to sew fake rings on to the cushion and simply have the maid of honour or best man carry the real ones. This once again means that the ring bearer carries the weddings rings but the chance of them getting lost or misplaced is minimized.

If you are having trouble finding a cushion, there are is a selection of them available on various special websites such as ; these websites offer accessories for weddings for instance ring cushions.

This is often an extremely exciting aspect of the wedding for the page boy or page boys as they are able to feel special on your big day. They tend to feel appreciated as they feel that they have been recognized as important people on your big day. However in spite of the pride that they feel, of course walking alone can be a daunting task for the youngsters so although sometimes the ring bearer(s) follow the flower girl(s) down the aisle, it is understandable and perhaps even more adorable to have the flower girl and the ring bearer proceed down the aisle together. One suggestion is that two flower girls stand either side of the young male and scatter petals, confetti or wrapped sweets. Vishaal Dovedi

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