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How to shortlist wedding venues for your wedding?

Your or someone else’s wedding which you have to organize is around the corner and you are left wondering how to get started with it. Though the ideal time to start making wedding arrangements is around two to six months in advance but you can still make up for the lost time if you plan things wisely and act on them.

The first among the most important steps is selecting wedding venues. There are so many things which will decide your choice of wedding venues. Below are some of important factors which should be considered before finalizing your wedding venues selection: Location: First and the foremost thing to think when you are looking for wedding venues is their location. Unless you are not going for a destination wedding, it is important for many reasons that you should shortlist those wedding venues which are close fair enough to your dwelling place. In case you are opting for wedding venues which is around an hour drive or more away from where you live, it is recommended to book couple of hotel rooms for both sides in nearest hotel. \

This will help your precious time as if you forget something you won’t have to travel again to your place to pick those things. Also elderly guests can take rest for some time too in those rooms. Keep in mind the costs you would be paying for booking hotel rooms as it will be included in your total wedding expenses. Vendor and Service Providers: Now the next important thing which you should consider while short listing wedding venues is if you are inclined towards using your own service providers and vendors or if happy with what you venue mangers would offer you. Many wedding venues don’t allow third party external vendors so in case you are looking to book those wedding venues you have to work with their vendors only. Thus, it depends on your choice as well as taste and decision of every other person can be different based on his availability and management skills. When you work with your own vendors on one hand you save money while on other hand you have to make all arrangements of your own. So opt for this choice only if you think you have time as well as skills to manage all these things. Comparison: When you are looking at different wedding venues you may feel all the wedding venues are good or often can be confused on how to select one among rest of lot. Then, a comparative study of all wedding venues you have visited will come to your rescue. The best way to pick one among all wedding venues is to see which one is offering best value for money and go with that though the final choice may depend on many other factors like distance, price, and availability. Keep in mind more than selection of wedding venues, it is communication and coordination which will make your wedding memorable so doesn’t get disheartened if you don’t get something of your choice.

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