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9 Signs He's into you

Modern times call for modern relationships and with modern relationships come complications. These days it is very tough to determine the dynamics of a relationship, which often leads to confusion as to where the relationship is headed. In such a situation, people often can’t figure out whether the other person is really into you or not. So here are 9 easy hints through

which you can figure out that he really likes you-
1. He genuinely checks on you: If he calls you often or texts you often to check how you are doing, or how your day was and genuinely seems to be interested in it and care about it, then there’s a good chance that he’s into you.

2. He’s bothered about your petty issues: If he is a good listener, and even advises you on as small a thing as a cold or cough, then he must really care about you. Men usually are not chatty and they seldom care about big issues, let alone petty issues. So if he’s paying attention to your problems, he must really like you.

3. He wants to stay over at your place: Your staying over at his place is not as big a deal as if he wants to stay at yours. If he wants to stay at your place, this means he is super comfortable being with you in your zone, which is a big deal for any guy.

4. He chooses you over his buddies: If he is willing to skip his guy time for you then the signals are clear, he is into you. Men really become insecure if their guy friends become serious in a relationship and their ego gets hurt if a guy friend chooses his girl over quality guy time. So if he is willing to face his buddies and choose to spend time with you rather than being with them, then he must really like you.

5. Allows you to have closet space at his place: He must really like having you over and spending time with you if he allows you to have closet space at his own place. If you have your clothes in his drawers and your toothbrush in his bathroom, then it’s a sure shot sign that he likes you.

6. He says sweet stuff: If he is ready to mouth the words that he misses you and can’t imagine being without you, then it is a green light that he’s into you. Saying these words is a big deal for any man and if he is doing it then he must like you.

7. He walks with your hand clutched in his: If he grabs your hand first while walking, be it in a public place, then it means that he cares about you a lot. Men are generally not comfortable with such gestures in public eye, as it would mean announcing to the world that you guys are together. So if he’s doing that then he wants to declare to the world that you two are together.

8. He helps you in chores: This is the ultimate indication that the guy is totally into you-helping you in house chores. If he offers to cut vegetables while cooking dinner or wash the utensils post dinner, then he must really care about your comfort.

9. He wants to talk about future: If he willingly wants to discuss where your relationship is headed then it is a green flag that he wants to be with you for the long haul. Akshay Kumar

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