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Grand Canyon National Park - Best Things You can Do

Traveling to Grand Canyon National Park? Then you will want to include a few things to do to your day. Learn which are best for you. Check out this article. Millions of vacationers visit the Grand Canyon every single year. People have flocked to the area ever since it was made into a National Park around 100 years ago. The gorge itself is massive at 277 miles long, a mile deep, and 18 miles wide.

And the sights are simply beautiful to behold. Plus, you will find many activities to explore while at the Grand Canyon.

Taking a guided tour of the Grand Canyon is a good place to start. By taking a tour, you won't miss any of the high points, and you will get plenty of excitement too.

You'll have your choice of bus, helicopter or plane tours if you're starting out from a Central AZ city such as Scottsdale, Sedona, Flagstaff or Phoenix. The same is true when booking a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas. These guided tours are perfect while you're in the area, but you should be aware of your options before booking anything.

Grand Canyon guided tours (whether they're by air, bus or a combination of both) visit either the South Rim or the West Rim of the canyon. If both rims interest you, you'll need to buy tickets on two different tours because there aren't any tours that do both on the same trip. Both rims have plenty of breathtaking sights along with multiple things to experience.

Your departure city will probably determine which rim you will visit. Tours out of Central Arizona go to the South Rim, while both rims are within reach of tours starting in Vegas. The West Rim tours are most popular with Vegas travelers because it is the closest to the city and quickest to get to.

Primarily known for breathtaking vistas and scenic beauty, the South Rim also features Grand Canyon Village and all the things to see that are located there. That is where you will also find the Visitor Center, Yavapai Museum of Geology, and the old Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Station.

The West Rim offers excitement and adventure. It's where you can walk out onto the Grand Canyon Skywalk, suspended over the canyon's edge. You can check out the Indian Cultural Center and Hualapai Ranch. Something that is not allowed at the South Rim that you can do at the West Rim is hop on a chopper and descend to the canyon floor. While there, you can take a float trip down the Colorado River.

There are several types of guided tours if you're looking for Grand Canyon activities. Helicopter rides, airplane flights and motor coach tours are all extremely popular.

The tours to the South Rim by chopper are usually air-only trips, but if you are leaving from Vegas and going to the West Rim you can choose between an air-only and a landing tour.

Taking an air tour to the South Rim is the quickest way to see a large part of the canyon since the flight will cover around seventy-five percent of the area. Vegas airplane tours also fly to the West Rim. Some of the West Rim flights are air-only trips, but others land and let you take part in other activities while there.

By taking a bus tour to the West Rim, you can add on a boat ride down the Colorado River, chopper ride down the canyon, and a walk on the glass Skywalk, and if you take a bus tour to the South Rim you can add on an exciting rim-to-rim chopper ride.

Of course, the Grand Canyon has many spectacular sights to behold, but in addition to thatFree Reprint Articles, there are many exciting activities to enjoy that make your visit a fun one.

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