Tuesday, 09 April 2013 18:04

Airport Etiquette

There used to be a time when the airport was a fun place to be in. Businessmen in crisp suits, vacationers happily waiting for their boarding time, and a general air of lightness. But now, thanks to security threats both in the domestic and international airs as well as no improvements in airport service, a trip has a high chance of getting ruined right before you take off at the airport. While affordable airfare has made traveling more accessible and doable (and we're not really
complaining of the price), the effect of the increased volume of passengers at the airport has made checking in, waiting and boarding dull tasks we need to get through to get our reward of being away from all the hustle and bustle.

The thing is, you can do something to minimize the hassles. In fact, you may be the very person causing trouble and delays in the airport. Here are some basic (yet always overlooked) airport etiquette to remember.

Arrive early. When your ticket says that you need to be at the airport two hours before boarding, don't wave your hand in dismissal and say "Yeah right, boarding is 45 minutes before takeoff anyway." When you check in late, you might cause delays, plus you'll most likely stress out the airline staff you deal with on the ground.

Know which items are allowed on board. This will save you the unnecessary haggling, and then having to say bye to your prized perfume in a 250-ml bottle. The people behind you on your queue will thank you for being a good passenger and airport buddy.

Keep your carry-on baggage in the overhead bin. You don't want to go through an obstacle course of bags when you need to go to the lavatory, so extend the same courtesy to the other passengers in the flight. If you want to keep a bag near, make sure it doesn't invade the space of the person seated next to you.

Be cooperative to strict airport security personnel than to ride a plane with a suicide bomber. Morbid, but hey, that already happened. That's why sometimes they're not nice as you expect because they're dealing with security.
Lastlly be courteous to airport staff. There's no exception, whether you're flying Jetstar or Cathay Pacific , you will be searched. Dominique Garcia is travel writer and has been travelling a lot using Skyscanner which provides cheap flights online.

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