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Top Resorts in Varadero, Cuba

The hub of tourism that is Varadero, Cuba is home to many fantastic resorts and beautiful beaches. The most difficult part is figuring out which resort works best for you. Many individuals choose a resort based on the beach it offers, or the restaurants on the premises. Others vacationers are more interested in amenities such as a spa, daycare service, or the surrounding area of the hotel. Considering the amount of options available in Veradero,

Melia Varadero:

This famous chain hotel offers a great deal of amenities and entertainment options to its patrons. From the outside it exudes a certain sense of flashiness, but upon entry into the lobby an entirely different impression is made. The spacious lobby is essentially an indoor garden. Filled with exotic plants, wooden statues and fountains; the lobby is almost overwhelmingly stunning. As if the indoor garden was not enough to make the hotel attractive, the rooms are designed to be equally beautiful. In terms of amenities, visitors have access to a swimming pool, fitness center, a space for massage and spa treatment, babysitting, a hot tub, tennis, a fitness room and more. The list of amenities the Melia Varadero offers also includes five restaurants, a cafeteria and four bars. If these extras are not enough the resort is within walking distance of a sun filled strip of sand and surf.

Tryp Peninsula Varadero:

Well placed alongside the beach, and built to be integrated seamlessly with nature, the Tryp Peninsula Varadero hotel is a beautiful place to spend a vacation. Such natural beauty often comes with a major sacrifice in terms of convenient access to attractions; especially city based attractions that are abundant in Varadero. In the case of the Tryp Peninsula Hotel, this is not so. Only 14km of distance separates the hotel from the center of Varadero. This proximity gives vacationers access to all the city has to offer, while simultaneously allowing for the joy of nature. Beyond this proximity the resort has many amenities to offer. Among these are a swimming pool, spa and massage space, meetings facilities, water skiing, snorkeling, tennis and a restaurant. This beautiful, naturally preserved resort is more then able to provide a wonderful vacation in Cuba to fun and sun seeking tourists.

Paradisis Varadero:

Similar to the Tryp Peninsula hotel, the Paradisis Varadero is wonderfully meshed with the beautiful natural surrounding of the city. Located along one of the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula, and among much of the most vibrant wildlife the area has to offer, Paradisis Veradero offers a great deal to its visitors. Only 13km from the center of the city, the hotel is within close range of the Varadero Shopping and Convention Center. Featuring six restaurants, this is a great place to go for the lover of all-inclusive vacations. If the food and the beach is not enough to make your stay wonderful, the resort offers a large swimming pool, entertainment events and complete with dance lessons. Whether you are going to Veradero for the beaches or for a variety of activities, Paradisis offers a great place to stay.

Melia Las Americas, Veradero:

Similar to all of the preceding hotels, this resort is one from the Sol Melia chain. These elite lodging accommodations provide a wide array of amenities and services to their patrons. This specific hotel features four swimming pools, and is also close-by to the beach. These factors make it an ideal setting for those who love water sports and activities. At the Melia Las Americas Veradero, many measures taken to ensure quality. For adults who wish to relax, there are separate areas designated for children to play. That arrangement also helps kids since they do not have to worry about jostling relaxing adults. This does not mean that children and adults do not have areas to spend time together, just that there are provisions taken so that they can have their own kind of fun in designated areas. Also available are in-pool bars. This particular brand of the Melia chain is a perfect haven for water lovers.

Barcelo Solymar:

Barcelo Solymar is a five star resort that is not directly associated with the Melia group. This lack of association does not mean a lack of quality. This hotel gives you access to all of the same type of locations as the Melia branches. The Barcelo Solymar offers direct access to the city's nightlife, beaches and water sports. There are also many activities and tours made available exclusively by the resort. Also, there are a number or restaurants on the premises that support the all-inclusive programs that are usually available.

These are just a few of the top hotels and resorts available in Varadero, Cuba. The amount of quality resorts in this hub of tourism creates many options in which tourists can enjoy the beaches and other popular attractions. There are many ways to find a perfect vacation in Veradero, Cuba, no matter what your needs or specifications.



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