Thursday, 01 August 2013 21:28

Canadian Family is Terrorized at Timeshare Presentation in Vallarta

Mexican Timeshare Solutions received an email earlier this month about a woman named Melissa who was on a vacation on the Pacific town called Puerto Vallarta. She wants to share her story on how she attended atimeshare presentation with her family for -what appeared to be a good deal- $300 Dollars in exchange. The OPC (the timeshare promoters on the street) was on the boardwalk at the "old Vallarta", he had a friendly approach and after some conversation with them,
he convinced them to attend a timeshare presentation the following day. The OPC showed up early next morning at the hotel gate they were staying at. They were given $100 US and the remaining would be paid to them at the end of the 90 min. presentation. Once we arrived, we gave our home address and credit card information to a lady, a project director and the sales manager. We were asked several times if we would be willing to invest money on a timeshare today before they even introduce us to the guy who was going to show us around. Once we finally agreed, we were explained that this was not, in fact, a timeshare. -"you are entering an exclusive condominium tower sold only to potential residents looking for retirement soon. The sales presentation turned into 4 hours, after we declined 10 times their offers, the salesman told us he would get a cab for us to take us back to the resort we were staying. Another man approached us and asked to donate our gift to a nonprofit organization as they needed the money more than we did. "You are traveling to Mexico and these kids have no food you know..." the man said. My husband said to them: "Don´t make promises you can´t keep. I know that money is going to your pocket!" Either way, the man didn´t pay the $200 US promised and refused to call for a cab. When my husband, asked for an explanation, the man told my husband that he would use that money to bribe police so we would spend the rest of our vacation in jail. We started walking out the building. He came after us and started yelling profanities in front of our daughter; he wouldn't allow us to leave the premises until we signed a release form assuring we were given $300 US. My husband looked at me and signed. Once we were going down the hill, a pickup truck pulled next to us; a large man got off and grabbed my husband by the shirt and told him to give him back the $100 US he was given earlier otherwise he would die and us would end up in prison. "I work for the police" he claimed. My husband handed over the money; we were scared to death by now. We finally found our way back to the resort with the help of a taxi driver. We stayed at the resort the rest of our stay. This experience eliminated the word fun to our vacations to Mexico. I don´t think we´ll ever go back. This story happens everyday in Mexico. Many vacations are ruined by unscrupulous people who want to sell timeshares the hard way. If you purchased a timeshare and would like to terminate your contract, contactMexican Timeshare Solutions for a free consultation on how they can help you cancel your timeshare and recover the tranquility you need. Mexican Timeshare Solutions works under a contingency basis, no results, no pay. Isabel Crovetto

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