Wednesday, 15 October 2014 10:56

An unforgettable adventure in the Mexican Chiapas

Sometimes, we think about interesting and unforgettable ways to spend our free time. However, after long deliberation we really do not know where that one and only perfect and heavenly place is. If you’re dreaming about detaching yourself from reality, ie. work and other obligations, then what we have to offer is ideal - a wonderful place in Mexico - The Chiapas.

The Chiapas are located on the oceanfront in a state in the southern part of Mexico. This place is famous for its unforgettable natural views, multicultural residents, museums and beautiful buildings. The Agua Azul is truly breathtaking. This is a series of 500 small, individual waterfalls in the northern part of the state. The natural conditions create very favorable conditions for tourists who like hiking. The warm and humid climate in this area will also ensure that you will feel great here. Tourist expeditions help to diversify your experience - beautiful rivers, mountains, canyons, and a wealth of flora and fauna are to be found here. We highly recommend the Cañón del Sumidero – a gorge located near Tuxtla Gutiérrez with walls reaching a height of 1200m.
In the Chiapas there are also festivals, with lots of fun and culture all around. The biggest festival is always held in the Chiapa de Corzo. You also must see the Palenque – Mayan ruins which are gradually being rebuilt at the moment. There is also a wide variety of local museums to keep your mind occupied, as it does indeed take a while to get to know the culture of this enchanting place.
Mexico is probably the best place on Earth if you’re looking for the adventure of your lifetime. You can learn more about the Chiapas by watching this specially prepared film.