Friday, 13 February 2015 22:11

Unforgettable moments in Barbados

You have no idea how to propose to your girlfriend? Take her for a romantic weekend to Barbados. Lots of unique possibilities, wonderful scenery - it should win her heart over. You're not convinced? In that case, WestJet will convince you.

WestJet decided to promote romantic weekends in Barbados. How?

Well WestJet decided to send two couples for future engagement to this tiny but extraordinary island. The company arranged everything needed for the perfect mood - many attractions, romantic trips and what's most important - the moment the men will ask the most important question in their lives. The only problem is that neither JP, Mike, nor their chosen ones, knew how and when the most important moment of the trip would happen. This amazing story isn't played out by actors - we are dealing with two couples picked at random. Why these two couples? Well, the WestJet team caught up with two men at the jeweler when they were choosing engagement rings for their ladies.

Are you curious about how the story ends? Be sure to click on the video and follow the next episodes. And on February 14th discover an incredibly unique way to propose to your girlfriend.