Monday, 11 March 2013 22:48

Win a trip to Gothenburg with new VOLVO FM

VOLVO is preparing something special for its fans – massive sale of the newest VOLVO FM model , perfect one for the haulage companies, starts with 19th March. Do you want more? Before it is going to start you can take part in a special competition in which stake is sponsored tour to Gothenburg. Are you curious about the details?
For now massive sale of VOLVO FM model did not start but two of these gems are riding around the Europe already. Play paparazzi – find one or both of them and take a photo – that’s your task. It won’t be so easy – the prize will go to person who take the lead in taking a brand new VOLVO’s  shot.
That’s not all – you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to be able to aim at vehicles. Just take a look at this website and you will find a lot of hints which enable you to find out where currently both VOLVOS FM are. Certainly you won’t miss them – it is almost impossible to be out of tune with such a huge power in these lorries!
What is more – on that website you can add your pictures and vote on the other’s shots – producer provides special prizes for those people who would take the best photos in their country.
Don’t wait too long – take your camera or your smartphone and hunt for VOLVO FM!