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Purchasing Used Cars from Lansing MI: Things to Inspect

The United States is steadily bouncing back from the beatings of its recent economic problems. A 2010 report about the nation's used automobile market showed that 2009 saw an increase in the number of used vehicles sold, regardless of fewer independent dealerships and lower volume of sales. You may be someone on the quest for used cars with terrific bargain deals, but below are a couple of things to check out before you make a purchase.


This is a primary concern when it comes to buying used cars in Lansing MI, as there is no state law that authorizes you to return a pre-owned vehicle within three days after the purchase. You can decide to get dependable car dealerships and good bargains online, but it is still best to check the shape of the car on your own before you buy. See to it that the doors, windows, locks, engine, and all internal components work appropriately. It may be necessary to have the car examined by a third party, preferably a reputable and seasoned technician.


Should you forget, the lesser miles the car has already been driven, the greater its shape is. Around 12,000 miles on average is a great indication that a vehicle is still in good condition. Still, try to find out the nature of the mileage the car has because motorway mileage is much better than city mileage.


Be sure to have the automobile's records from the dealer to see if the automobile had been in many crashes or had needed major repair works in the past. Get its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and cross check it with online databases. This 17-digit code could be spotted in the engine, passenger and driver doors, hood, or the driver's dashboard.

Test Drive

As a buyer, you have the right to test drive your automobile as this will also help you discover any issues you may have overlooked during the first examination. Remember that if the dealership denies you that, the car you're buying may be malfunctioning. A couple of car dealers in Lansing MI offer to set a test drive for any vehicle in their web catalog.



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