Wednesday, 01 March 2017 09:43

A clearcoat that repairs scratches and damage

Beauty, class, speed and elegance are the essential characteristics of a perfect car. Every owner of such a gem devotes great attention to it. He takes care of it with real commitment, and every possible scratch on the coating of the vehicle is like a blow to the heart. Anyone who has ever possessed a true masterpiece understands this.

You can’t predict everything!

Sometimes unpredictable situations occur that can damage the coating. Rain, branches falling from trees directly onto the car body, and hail are factors that cannot be prevented, but you can prepare for them. It is usually a hassle and extremely stressful to try to avoid all of these factors. There are some situations that are very difficult to predict, like an angry woman, who wants to take revenge on the owner of the car. What do you think, what can she be capable of doing?

Is there an ideal coating, which you don’t have to worry about?
The recipe for all situations that we have no influence over is the innovative CarPro Immortal clearcoat, able to self-heal any scratches, even made by a knife or a very sharp diamond ring belonging to a discontent woman. Are you curious about its power? Be sure to check out the latest video and see how it works in practice.

CarPro Immortal clearcoat – a doctor for your car body!

The CarPro Immortal clearcoat has been developed using an innovative technology that allows it to self-heal any scratches, holes and crevices. It is perfect for any type of vehicle, which is always supposed to look like it just drove out of the showroom. It is suitable for cars, motorcycles and trucks, which are to maintain an immortal lustre. It’s easy to apply, efficient and extremely durable, and above all, exceptionally effective.

You probably can’t imagine how a clearcoat is capable of automatically healing scratches. Be sure to watch the video, which shows the whole process.

When the car is scratched, the self-filling polymer coatings automatically repair it. This is possible through the use of a modern cross-linked structure, extremely strong and resistant to degradation.


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