Monday, 15 September 2014 09:02

The Hyundai Genesis - the new face of safety

Can a modern limousine be a symbol of security? It turns out that yes, it can. Hyundai, the manufacturer of cars has created something incredible - a car so smart that not even the British Queen would be ashamed of it, and yet so safe that you can confidently travel across the whole of Canada with your family in it.

The Hyundai Genesis is the latest work of the South Korean company specializing in cars of everyday use. This unique limousine is a combination of good style, class and a great deal of safety, which allows it to be highly versatile.
From the outside, we can admire the stylish slim outline of the vehicle, which gives it a slightly sporty character. On the inside, there are wooden interiors, leather seats and plenty of facilities allowing for a comfortable ride.
However, the most important things in this model are the interesting safety solutions. The upgraded lamps give much more light, so nothing will surprise you while driving at night. The unique system of monitoring the concentration of CO2 in the cabin allows for a quick diagnosis of any leaks in the system of the vehicle. If we add to the above systems such as the ACC stop-and-go function, and then combine it with the autonomous braking system for maintaining a safe distance regardless of the situation, then we truly have a car that ensures complete safety.
How safe and comfortable is the Genesis in practice? See for yourself by watching the video below!

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