Wednesday, 24 September 2014 14:59

The new, predatory xB

Convenience and security. This is what we want and demand from our cars. If we also add to this the desire to have a vehicle with a modern design, then we end up with a very narrow selection to choose from. It is for precisely this type of demanding person that the new edition of the Scion xB has been developed.

Scion – a Japanese car brand, the child of the Toyota Motor Corporation, once again reaches out to its customers. The new version of the well-known, ten year old xB model was prepared especially for them. We can find features in it such as the six speaker audio system with a Pioneer radio, split folding rear seats and a well modernized look.
The advantages of the new xB persuaded one of its users - Kalena, who is a versatile and talented artist, to own one. She designs clothes, and is a dancer. For her, the car is not only a vehicle to move around in, but practically also a second home, where she can reconcile her divergent work with her passions.
For anyone who is also a person of many talents, it is important that their car is reliable and comfortable. That's the new Scion xB - its size and comfort allow you to move freely around the city, even with a virtually complete tailoring workshop installed in the capacious trunk.
Would you like to hear a more detailed opinion from Kalena about her xB? Click on the video!


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