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Dynamic industry

The steam market is growing and developing as we speak. And so is Fortador, one of the most innovative steam cleaner producers out there! This allows us to offer you an exciting range of mobile steam cleaners to start or develop your own steam car wash or cleaning business.


Versatile use

A steam cleaner offers a virtually limitless range of action. Even though one usually links them to cleaning cars, steam cleaners have a much wider range of application. It is a result of their functionality and multiple advantages of steam. Deciding for a steam cleaner one has to be aware of its functionality as it is applicable everywhere where a water cleaner is not. Mainly, that means hospitality and gastronomy properties, production line equipped with electronic elements, and food production enterprises. Sanitising properties of steam make it a fit also for medical centres, pharmaceutical premises as well as production lines.


From all the important things one can say about Forador, its greenness cannot be omitted. When compared to traditional water cleaners, the difference in water and chemical usage, and hence, sewage production, is quite striking. Let’s just face it. It is 2016 AD. You do not have to be contributing to the eradication of the planet to be a big fish in the pond of cleaning business. The very opposite! More and more customers are eco-aware and will take this into consideration as a serious advantage of your company. CSR being real this time!

An important investment

Buying a c should not be a rushed decision. It is worth considering parameters of our machines to match the equipment with the profile your service. Steam cleaner definitely creates wide possibilities of application, and at the same time, is more economical than a traditional water pressure cleaner (much lower water usage, no chemical residues, ability to use two hot detergents, hovering, accommodates two people). Steam cleaners are also more efficient. Steam penetrates dirt, does not spread it, eliminates odours and sanitises. Its temperature goes to 120 Celsius degrees and allows removing even the most stubborn stains.

Technical support

If your business was so far based on more traditional methods, using steam cleaners might seem as a slightly daunting task at the beginning. Well, with Fortador – have no fear. We provide training and ongoing technical support to all of our customers worldwide, and as our equipment is pretty much foolproof, we are waiting for you to turn to us with every slightest problem you might find while using our steam cleaners!

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