Friday, 15 March 2013 19:59

Beauty and Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a major part of the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry. The world of beauty changes with fashions and tastes. For women, breast augmentation is a big part of trying to look younger and more beautiful. Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes and offer women a way to counter the effects of aging and motherhood.

As a woman ages her skin gets softer and develops wrinkles. The skin of the breasts begin sag. When women nurse children their breasts also become smaller and shriveled as a result.

Affordable breast augmentation is a great way to look young and desirable as women age. The biological clock is only one aspect of a woman’s life. The other is the beauty clock. Much of female power is derived from how a woman looks. Beauty is a matter of taste and changing styles. In the USA nearly all men prefer well-endowed women to those with smaller breasts. It is a cruel fact of life in the beauty equation and women can counter it with plastic surgery.

Breast implants come in two basic shapes: round and anatomical (teardrop). Round implants are symmetrical in appearance and generally used by women who want a dramatic increase in size. Contoured implants resemble the natural curvature and form of the female breasts and are chosen by those who desire a subtler more elegant look for their breast augmentation.

Today, silicone gel implants are arguably the most popular thanks to their advanced safety features that prevent leakage and slippage. Saline implants are the other option for women.

Before deciding on a doctor, women should evaluate the ups and downs of all clinics in their area. They should look at pricing, costs for travel, anesthesiaFree Web Content, and other factors like recovery and scarring. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain all these details and options in a free pre-operative consultation .