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Eye Makeup 101: Eye Shapes

There comes a time in a woman's life when she decides that she can do what all the celebrities (from her point of view) do: be beautiful! And as promoted by television and the internet, beauty is achieved with a great deal of make-up. I, naturally, do not agree with this reasoning but I admit that make-up can make a difference if used properly and with skill. If you're reading this,
I assume you expect an introduction to eye shapes and eyeshadow, and you will of course receive what you came here for. But try not to set your aim to the queens of the magazines. You have it in you to be individually beautiful and you should use make-up to highlight your unique features and personality.

If you want to become a pro at creating unique looks and pair eyeshadow, you firstly have to get familiar with your eye shape. There are five main eye shapes:

- The almond eye shape, made famous by actresses such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Liv Tyler, generally hasn't much of an increase in the eye lid and can be pretty easy to "operate" on. The trick is to never apply too much eyeliner on the upper lid, as it will make the eyes look heavy and small.

- Down turned eyes create the illusion of lassitude due to the downward angle of the outer eye corners. Actresses such as Katie Holmes shade this shape up and out in order to "lift" the eyes: don't use heavy mascara on the outer lashes and apply your eye-liner with an upward twist.

- Heavy-lidded eyes can create difficulty to their marvelous owners (meaning me). I had some trouble figuring out how I can properly apply eyeshadow and not make my eyes look clumsy or tired, without exaggerating with highlighter on the brow bone. I also bet Cher and Madonna had the same difficulties when they were young. The good part is you can play with colors a lot, as long as you don't throw in too much mascara and eye-liner.

- Deep set eyes are deep into the socket with very little increases in the eyelid. The eyebrows also seem to be positioned slightly closer to the eye. Demi Moore and famous model Claudia Schiffer have such eyes, so if you want inspiration for a certain look, try looking at some photo galleries of theirs. Try not to apply eyeliner on your water line and feel free to use lots and lots of mascara!

- Hooded eyes have a small amount of skin folded over the sack and create, once again, the illusion of tiredness. They usually come with age. Try not to use heavy make-up and, basically, keep it simple.

You can find a great deal of information of this sort on the internet. If you want to be hep to eye make-up you can also try accessing websites of expertise and beauty blogs.


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