Thursday, 09 May 2013 21:28

Buying Nivea products in Europe

Nivea, a brand name that many people have heard of, probably millions in and around Europe, it's a body and skin care company based in Germany, and founded in 1882 by Carl Paul Beiersdor. The the amount of products used under the Nivea brand consist of facial toners, shampoo, facial creams and tanning, for both Men and Women. However for a company based in Germany, which is pretty much in amongst the centre of Europe, Nivea can prove rather difficult to

get hold of. Whether this is to do with the European market or costs involved in delivering products to keep shelves stock throughout Europe is not really precise. But Nivea needs to be more readily available to the European customer and at a decent price.

For many people Nivea is probably the right product for them in amongst the many brands out in the market. The attraction to Nivea may have something to do with it's many ingredients including Chamomile, soothing and sensitive to the skin, this anti-oxidant works by cleansing the skin, especially within tender areas helping the skin to become smooth and soft.

Milk and Honey, the milk is rich in amino acids and vitamins helping make the lips nice and soft.  The honey is packed with antioxidents, providing much need moisture for dry lips.

Another special ingredient is Aloe Vera, widely known for it's soothing properties, full of vitamins and minerals which cleanse your skin helping it feel fresh and revitalised, a great use for products such as make-up, soaps, shaving foam, tissues, moisturisers, soaps, sunscreen and shampoos

So with these extra special ingredients, Nivea is probably one of the top cosmetic products on the market to be brought, but it's sometimes hit or miss when it comes to wanting to make a purchase of their products, it's difficult to find decent high street outlets stocking a decent amount. A downside to finding an outlet selling Nivea products can sometimes be the cost, many high street chains will have those extra overheads involved like all high street stores.

Perhaps the easiest way to buy Nivea products is to do what so many people are now doing in the modern world, and that is to purchase the products online and have the order delivered straight to your door. The are many online stores on the web to choose from, including many in the UK who happily process orders from Europe.