Thursday, 08 August 2013 11:10

How to Take Care of Dental Health for Children

Kids’ have toothache or uncomforted feeling in their dentals, which is a common thing. They eat chocolates, sweets and chips throughout the day, which are not good for the teeth. It is not due to the sweetness but the stickiness. All these food products are sticky in nature hence they stick to the teeth, in corners allowing the germs to develop. The germs will cause cavities, which may further affect the teeth. Toothache, cavities and even worn out tooth due to the germ buildup are
some of the common issues faced by the children. However, with proper dental care it can be avoided, if the parents pay extra little attention to their kids and their dental health.

Kids are kids, they will not take everything seriously until the day they understand the importance of proper dental care. Until then it is your responsibility to take care of it. Child dental health is easy if you take the following things in consideration:

· Brush twice a day: brushing the teeth helps in keeping the teeth clean and free from the food particles. The sticky food particles are tough to remove which can only be done with toothbrush. Use good toothpaste in meager amount as it contains harmful chemicals or buys the one, which is specially designed for the children. Often kids feel reluctant in doing it so you can brush along with them and encourage healthy habits in them.

· Floss: flossing can be annoying to some kids but they should understand that flossing also is an important part of keeping the teeth clean. It removes food particles and plaque from in-between the teeth, which can be tricky for the tooth brush. Do it with them with a big smile and let them learn about the dental care for children.

· Trip to the dentist: Yes, it is one of the nightmares of the children, trip to the dentist. You must teach your kids that there is nothing bad about the dentist. In case, they feel scared then sit with them during the session. However, the trip to the dentist must be taken at least twice a year, just to ensure that the teeth are in proper shape and condition. Children learn from their parents, you can set an example for them by taking a session from the same dentist in front of them.

Inculcate good eating habits along with letting them learn more about the dental care. They should gargle properly after every meal to make sure the food is sticking inside. Moreover, keep control over the sticky food and reduce its consumption. Nicole Morgen