Thursday, 09 May 2013 21:32

Where to buy Bourjois Paris Makeup In The USA

Bourjois Paris is a very popular brand of makeup in Europe & the UK. Founded in 1862 by Joseph Albert Ponsin, who created a patented whitening powder for Actresses, the "Bourjois" name grew with the introduction of Alexander-Napoleon Bourjois to help promote the new brand. In 1869, Bourjois purchased the enterprise and continued to expand its products, including a type of "baked eyeshadow", a unique recipe which is still closely guarded to this day.

Bourjois was one of the first cosmetics brands to come from the industrialised world, and as a consequence, their commitment to the fine art of cosmetics is unique & of the highest standard. It's this air of quality & sophistication which draws millions of people to use their patented products every year.

In the 21st century, the world is a lot smaller; and it's obvious the members of the "new world" (USA) are eager to start engaging with the old-world charms of Bourjois. The problem is that getting this cosmopolitan brand of makeup in the States can be quite difficult. Fortunately, there's an answer... several actually.

The wonders of the Internet have given us the chance to get some of the most niche products at very nominal prices. And it's this resource we should turn to, in order to get Bourjois Paris makeup in the USA. If you Google "Bourjoir Paris Makeup USA", you'll get access to some of the sites which stock this brand. However, we've found that many of these sites are just for fashion, and don't really have a wide variety of Bourjois.
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The trick is to find a store which will give you the largest variety of products in the most reliable way and by reliable, that's things like, being able to post to the USA in a cost effective way, and provide as many products to American consumers looking for quality cosmetic products.

Being in the UK, First Stop Cosmetic Shop is in the best position to provide the USA with European brands. They ship to the US, and although their prices are adjusted to include UK sales tax (known as VAT), and converted from UK currency (£ - which is slightly more expensive than $); the store provides one of the most reliable & wide ranges of Bourjois Paris makeup for the US. If you want to treat yourself, you can check out their site.