Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00

Seduce him an amazing scent

Timeless, sparkling yet intensely seductive, Possess Eau de Parfum embodies the provocative allure of Cleopatra, whose legendary powers of seduction brought Mark Antony to his knees. Laced with intoxicatingly tempting notes of the ylang ylang flower, this sexy, luminous fragrance casts a hypnotic spell of attraction.

A chypre, floral bouquet with fruity elements, Possess Eau de Parfum brings a certain majestic richness and sensuality to the woman who wears it. With over 80 layered ingredients such as ylang ylang, queen pineapple and patchouli, the highest quality raw materials are combined to express such olfactory emotions as sensuality, addiction and opulence.


50 ml