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Forex Trade Copier is an all-in-one Solution for Trading Signal Providers

A trade copier software is a complete all-in-one suite for any Forex signal service. Of course that is true only if it is designed to sell trading signals to customers and deliver all the trades automatically to their accounts. Usually trade copiers are designed for MT4 terminal and with the ability to offer unlimited number of signal providers when customers can choose which provider to follow. However not all copier programs offer multiple signal provider feature, so if you are looking

to have multiple trade groups delivered to different customer segments, you should be looking for software that supports that.

Forex trade copier application can be called as an all-in-one solution if it supports automatic trade delivery to MT4 accounts, or even some other platforms, allows to send email alerts automatically to masses, accept automatic payments from customers, creates usernames upon payment and sends a welcome email with login and download info upon subscription. Those would be minimum requirements for the trade copier ea to be called a complete solution.

 For many customers it is difficult to handle all the technical stuff required to install copier Expert Advisor, host Metatrader terminal on a VPS and set the right EA settings. So you should be looking for a software that can take care of that for the customer so they can enjoy easy setup and start trading in seconds. Best and most simple solution is to choose copier that does not require to run MT4 at all, but be aware that for that to happen customer will have to share his/hers login and password details with the signal provider. Many customers may find that not very trustworthy or even unreasonable so in such case copier should have ability to offer both solutions. This way customers will feel more comfortable as they can chose what is best way to go with your service for them.

 Delay in trade copying is very important and when a copier program is used as an Expert Advisor it will definitely experience 1-2 second delays during trade opening, modification or closing process. Important to know that this delay is mostly caused by brokers and usually on a demo MT4 accounts, unless you have unreliable internet connection. If your chosen copy tool shows a counter of a successful and unsuccessful connections to the data server, then you can track its speed easily. The number that represents successful connections should increment each second or whatever the connection rate is, this would mean that your internet connection and your web-server are fine.

 On the other hand, if error counter keeps growing constantly or even is bigger than the successful connections counter, it would mean that your connection is unreliable or you have web-server issues. Check if your internet line is not overloaded or your server has enough free resources.


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