Wednesday, 09 April 2014 14:08

Coffee brings people together!

Coffee - our friend from the morning. It helps us to awaken, it tastes great, and additionally allows us to relax while building relationships with other people. How many interpersonal breakthroughs have been established so far by saying "Let's go for a coffee?" Quite a few, and as of today, together with EDB 's Coffee Connector there will be many more!

In the modern, technologically advanced world of exceptionally well-trained sales, advertising, and management staff, all the tricks of the trade about how to approach potential customers are well known; body language, psychological tactics, asking carefully selected questions and making very well thought through moves at the most appropriate times. Breaking the ice to begin a professional relationship between companies has become very tricky and every word or action now seems cliche. “Why bother even trying?” is a question on the lips of many. Not only that, but it is easy to limit yourself to thinking in only one way and closing your mind to one method of doing business when you live in your own environment. Hence, it is hard to bridge the gap between cultures and also make room for key innovative and revolutionary ideas.
However, EDB’s Coffee Connector is all about changing that. Introducing this machine at a conference or meeting opens a revolutionary direction to start key business relationships. Not only does it bring two strangers together who could potentially develop a highly valuable professional relationship, but it also creates an awe-inspiring experience which opens the minds of both coffee-brewers to seek innovative business solutions together, based on an interactive beginning which they have gone through together.
The Coffee Connector is full of the latest technology from the fields of computing and engineering, entertainingly put to use, to show just how such a very routine and simple task can be carried out in an extraordinary way, highlighting EDB Singapore’s outstanding and vital methods of forging global business partnerships.
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