Wednesday, 26 November 2014 14:03

Create a series and win some cash!

Do you have a good idea for an original web series? Then share it! TELUS can reward your idea with up to 10 thousand dollars, which will support your project. The only thing you need is the will!

StoryHive is a platform created by TELUS for young artists to have a place where they can exchange their ideas and advice on how to create web content. This is the place where you can gain your first fans, refine your ideas and learn the techniques needed to improve the results of your work.
StoryHive is also a remarkable campaign, through which young artists can gain funding for their projects. This year, the second edition focuses on making serials on the Internet. In the promotional videos we can hear the stories of the people who create web content and want to share their experience. As you discover how you can make such a series, you will also learn that content creation does not actually have to be that hard.


Any artist who has an interesting idea for a web series can take part in the TELUS campaign. It does not matter how long they have been creating things on the Internet, nor if they are able to superbly put together a video. What counts is the desire to do it - and that is highly rewarding!