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Easter Cake Decorating Ideas That Are Too Cute To Eat

Lockwood Manufacturing Bakeware, Bakery Racks,Coatings and Equipment for your bakery. If you are looking for amazing Easter cake decorating ideas, you are in the right place. Easter cakes are fun to look at and even better to eat. Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, flowers on your dinner table, a nice brunch and a stunning Easter cake all fit this worldwide celebration of faith for some and spring for others.

Easter cakes are gaining popularity and I can see why. When you look for Easter cake decorating ideas, ALL cakes look amazing and delicious! It's not strange you want to have one this year as well. But, is it difficult to do? Do you need to be a professional? Is it possible to just decorate a cake or do you have to bake a cake as well?

You can bake a homemade cake or purchase an unfrosted half- sheet cake from a bakery. You can use round cakes to decorate, you can consider making a tiered or layered cake, or you can use an animal pan. Animal shaped pans already have the shape you want, so you don't need to cut your cake in pieces.

Choose whatever suits your baking skills and cake decorating skills best. Don´t worry about  needing to  be a professional to create amazing looking cakes.  Know that your efforts will certainly be appreciated, no matter how your cakes turn out. There are several easy cake decorating ideas that are simple to apply and look gorgeous. Today I will share some cake decorating secrets with you to simplify the cake decorating process.

Before you eagerly start decorating your Easter cake, make sure that it has been cooled at least for about forty five to sixty minutes. You then need to trim and level your cake before you start decorating. Of course you don't need to worry about that when you purchased a read made cake.

Once the cake is cooled, the frosting process starts. This can be a bit messy, but it is a very important basic step. Some tips to help the frosting/ icing process:

If you decide to color your cake, mix the colors before you start decorating .
Be consistent in the amount of pressure you put in the icing decorating bag. Ensure that the icing has a smooth finishing.
Using a whipped cream frosting will ease the decorating process---the whipped cream is not sticky like many store bought frostings so it can be applied more smoothly
create a flat surface with a knife dipped in very hot water .
Style the frosting once it's applied, by using some handy kitchen tools. Create a lattice effect with a fork and drag it across the top of the cake. Use a knife to make swirls along the top edges of the cake.

Substitute the traditional frosting with Marzipan or fondant or use it to make figurines. Cute little chicks, a goose family and Easter bunnies look great on top of a cake!

Another example of easy Easter cake decorating ideas is making borders. Make one at the bottom of the cake and another at the top of the cake. Make sure you start at the bottom first though.

Using powdered sugar as a coating on top of the frosting is very easy to do and looks great. Stencils are often used  to create shapes. In this case, a Eater bunny or cute little chicks would look great!

You can put small chocolate Easter eggs, Peeps, and other Easter candy on the top of the  cake or a simply frosted cupcake.

A cake that is cut into two half eggs ise also very easy to do. You can serve them on a big plate or dish and decorate the plate itself. A little piece of art!


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