Thursday, 03 January 2019 10:17

Robin Hood - moments that create memories

Leslie Steh is a professional and well-known pastry chef, who appreciates Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes. She uses them not only during her professional work but also at home, where she shares her passion for baking various delicacies with her family.

She says that thanks to Robin Hood mixes, she has created a home ritual involving baking each week with the children and her husband, whose task is usually limited to testing the taste. Robin Hood mixes enable baking together with the youngest residents of the home. They are easy to use, safe and guarantee that you’ll achieve the desired effect. Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes taste so delicious that you would think they’re from the best pastry shop.

Why do moms love Robin Hood?

Robin Hood mixes are not just an excuse to spend time together, but above all a way to strengthen family ties. Cooking can be fun for children, but this has to be simple cooking, and that is possible using these mixes. According to Leslie Steh, her kids are now totally dedicated to baking and she is observing how their passion for creating exceptional delicacies is developing. What is equally important, Robin Hood Quick Bread Mixes are simply delicious, even for kids that are picky.


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