Tuesday, 30 April 2013 18:13

Best survival foods be ready for emergent situations

What is best survival foods? How is it different from other food items? It is ready-to-eat meal that can be consumed as packed. It comes packed in convenient packing for quick consumption. Available in different packing, this meal can satisfy anyone from an individual to an extended family. Individual packs are suitable for one person and family buckets are useful for large groups. This meal is different from home cooked recipes in nutritional value, taste and shelf life.

It scores high on nutrition and taste and above all it can be kept for long time like three months, six months and more.

Emergency meal is prepared in low pressure. It is a special process that keeps the nutritional value of the ingredients and also improves the taste. After the food is cooked and it is ready-to-be-served, it is packed in air-tight boxes and buckets. Elegant packing makes the food safe from dust and moisture. Also it prevents the food from the effect of temperature changes. In short, the packing keeps the recipes edible till last day. Packed recipes can be kept for a certain period that might be six months or long. The food items must be consumed within their time period beyond which they become unfit for consumption. Users would certainly not like the idea of rotting their best survival foods just because they found no need to eat the stored meal.

There is no harm in using emergency food at home as this meal is no different from your home cooked recipes. Also since packed food is available at cost effective price, you can buy more food items as and when required. There is another way to look at the uses of your emergency meal. You can find personal exigencies like busy schedule, arranging meal for family gathering on short notice and want to rest and relax all the day. Use best survival foods in these times and take maximum advantage of the stocked supplies. A wide range of emergency food items is available in the market and you are certainly going to confuse by seeing a variety of food items. There is canned meat and also there are deserts and chocolates. For those who like to eat vegetarian food only, there are soups, veggies and dry pulses and rice recipes. Availability of different flavors is an opportunity for you to choose your best survival foods and store it for use in emergent times.


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