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Unlimited Home Cooking, Unlimited Benefits


Except for a few vagabonds and other unfortunate souls, most of us heartily savour our home-cooked meals. It has a special taste and appeal that cannot be matched by street food vendors and restaurants. Of course, the opposite is also true…but you cannot eat outside food every day. Can you? Home cooked food offers numerous benefits that you can ignore at the cost of your health and also budget. Home cooked food benefit #1 - SAVES MONEY This is a no brainer!

Even brainless zombies will understand this! Commercial food, whether prepared or packaged, will cost you more than if you prepare exactly the same food at home. You can save even more money if your home cooked meals are 100% vegetarian.

Home cooked food benefit #2 - Less SALT, SUGAR, Trans fats and MSG

Food cooked at home in most cases means Healthy meal plans. But you will not find that in street vendors and restaurants where they use high level of salt, MSG (ajinomoto) and Trans fat to make their dishes taste richer and delicious, for their customers.

But at home you have total control of the amount of salt, MSG, oil you can add to your dishes. And the benefit is that you will not gain weight and have clogged arteries.

Home cooked food benefit #3 - BALANCED MEALS

Home cooked food meals tend not to swing from one nutritional extreme to another. It offers a balance of everything. Your hunger pangs will be satiated and you will have fewer cravings.

Home cooked food benefit #4 - FOOD POISONING

Food poisoning can be caused by:

1. improper cooking of food 2. serving of old and stale food 3. not refrigerating food at the right temperature 4. unhygienic handling of the food 5. eating expired food 6. cross- contamination, where bacteria is spread between food, surfaces, utensils and equipment And these are all true for foods commercially prepared outdoors which has to cater to a 1000s of people.

But at home you’ve a vested interest in keeping things hygienic and cooking foods properly. The chances of food poisoning is high outdoors than indoors.

Home cooked food benefit #5 – SENSITIVITY TOWARDS FOOD ALLERGIES

There are some people who are allergic to certain kinds of food. They can only eat food prepared in a special way to prevent the recurrence of food allergies. Can you expect such a preparation in a food joint? No! It can be a sickening experience for someone who is suffering from certain sensitivity towards food to eat outside food!

And to conclude…

If you are short of ideas on home-cooked food, you must check out some easy home-cooking recipes available online. You can read through these easy cooking recipes and prepare delicious and nutritious foods that you can consume both, at home and office. is an online recipe provider website where you can also add your own recipes and sign up for weekly recipes


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